As per deposition 4/11/11, signed under oath, these two pages of my filed Board complaints were admitted by me the author of these statements.

Why did Dr. Taylor not investigate & charge Catherine Gajewski, DVM with inhumane euthanasia? Perhaps BECAUSE he was her CURRENT employer?

Why did he not investigate Dr. Sarah Curry @ Edgefield? Perhaps because he was "buds" @ THE  NH Veterinary Medical Association, with the owner Brad Barnes, DVM, both as Board Members & Officers? YOU decide~~


December 25, 2006


Barbara A. Albright

656 Haverhill Rd.

Chester, NH 03036-4210

(603) 887-4762


To: New Hampshire Veterinary Board

cc: Brad Taylor, DVM

Dear Dr. Taylor & Members of the Board:

My letter dated November 7, 2006 was prepared and sent with haste, not knowing the procedure of events that the Board undertakes for review and investigation. It was my thinking that it would be imperative for action to commence before memories fade or accounts are fabricated.

t is too late to correct my redundant choice of words, but I would like to correct the error that it was discussed with Jolleen (not Sandee as written) on Saturday, October 14, to arrange the Sunday morning appointment with Dr. MacGregor.We also had brief conversations with "Stephanie", a young college student.

Two more items that are referred to in my original statement were not addressed in the first paragraph.

1. not receiving minumum standard of care--- this would have commenced particularly on Monday, when I noted that the cone placed on Pocket prevented free access to water. I requested a different size cone to "Jana" and her response was that another charge would be placed on the bill, since they are not reusable. I told her to please find another properly- sized cone anyways. This never happened.

Also, I suspect that Pocket was not exercised as frequently as needed. And certainly, leaving excrement on my dog is unacceptable.

2. Inhumane euthanasia---- It has been my past experience to note a "brightly colored clear fluid", which I assumed to be Pentobarbital, was administered to my previous dogs for euthanasia. I have seen either bright red or bright blue in the past. Pocket was not administered anything but the reconstituted thick fluid (made up by Sandee). I questioned Dr. Gajewski, albeit too late, as to what drug it was. I did not receive an answer. I suspect that Pocket was not rendered unconscious and that Potassium Chloride or something similar was administered. I only hope that this observation is an error on my part, and that the drug utilized was indeed humane.

And lastly, some recollection of details include:

We cannot remember the early Sunday am technician's name, but she has a unique physical characteristic.

It is my recollection, that Sunday, October 15, the only other dog in the facility, a Pomeranian in an oxygen tent, was euthanized that morning by Dr. MacGregor. I believe that the writing on the erase board indicated that the dog "was a different Dr.'s patient".

I also recall on Monday,(redacted as immaterial to Pocket's case)

In summary, this case, is not simply a forgivable "mistake", this amounts to seven days of complete disregard of Pocket's well being, animal and human cruelty, and complete "scamming" for financial gain. I again, humbly, request justice be served.


Barbara A. Albright

January 7, 2007 From: Barbara A. Albright To: New Hampshire Veterinary Board cc: Brad Taylor, DVM

Dear Dr. Taylor and Board Members,

Thank you Dr.Taylor for contact January 5th, I wished that our phone connection was more audible. I deeply appreciate your inquiry regarding the new euthanasia drug. At that point in time, my faith and trust in humanity was completely destroyed. Pocket went into convulsion due to lack of Phenobarbital metabolism. She did not have a seizure since November 2005, and I had greatly hoped to prevent this occurrence.

From our conversation, I remain deeply concerned that written evidence has not been fully considered. I would like to address my concerns in this letter and summarize my position.

Fraud and dishonesty of diagnosis, application/interpretation of medical tests and treatment

t was disingenuous to suggest that Pocket's enlarged liver and gall bladder, mass on one enlarged adrenal gland, thickened intestines, and abnormal spleen were in the realm of "normal" in an 11 1/2 year old dog , along with her physical appearance, symptoms, and the bloodwork and X-ray provided from Edgefield.

(see attached original u/s report and partially corrected u/s report labeled A & B)

Furthermore, the suggestion of leptospiros was an afterthought diagnosis, (not an added "rule-out" test) to support symptoms presented, absent fever or elevated white cell count and ludicrous at best, in light of my ownership of 7 dogs mingled together in the same house & fenced yard, my remaining 4 of 6 are also senior-age.

The dishonesty to not disclose and continue treatment beyond an uncorrected calcium/phosphorus 2:1 ratio within 48 hours, for an additional 5 days is outrageous. Her blood values were a reflection from a dog not consuming or metabolizing food and in advanced process of organ shutdown. Her physical symptoms of black stool, bloody diarrhea, green vomit, depression, and weakness were completely disregarded in lieu of changing chemistry results. The seriousness of her dramatically decreased PCV and hemoglobin from just months prior was not even considered, nor disclosed or discussed.

Misrepresentation of financial costs

At no time prior to Tuesday, despite daily verbal and in-person contact was it stated by anyone that services rendered were approaching or exceeding the upper end of the estimate agreed to (see attachments labeled C & D)

Unprofessional and unethical conduct

The pressure, intimidation, and suggestion that it was not in Pocket's best interest to be euthanized, by both Jana and Dr. MacGregor on Friday 10/13 was disrespectful and cruel.The anger and bizarre behavior displayed on Sunday 10/15 by Dr. MacGregor at the second request of euthanasia was egregious and beyond reason.

It was unethical to not disclose the seriousness or in full detail all of Pocket's laboratory results. He spoke in the generality of "improvement" and "responding well" from Saturday to Wednesday. On Wednesday he only "hinted" at slightly disappointing results as evident on the saved taped answering machine message.

Animal and Human Cruelty


The records indicate that Pocket could not consume her typical ration of generous 1/2 cup dry food plus numerous free-choice biscuits, she was literally starving to death for greater than a week. She was fearful and in pain when IV drugs were administered. The internal pain she endured without relief had to be tremendous. The fear of constant restraint, needles and handling by strangers unbearable. Pocket was a housebroken & crate-trained dog, she was forced to vomit and eliminate in her cage. We were subjected to view her decline and progressive weakness absent any encouraging signs of improvement for an entire week. She became unrecognizable. We were denied peaceful resolution to end her suffering.

Not receiving minimum standard of care

I refer to the narrow cone that extended 2" beyond her nose that prevented free access to water, leaving excrement on her is unacceptable, and allowing dried mucous to completely fill/block her nostrils

Not providing human and animal safety of the premises

At no time was a quarantined area provided or directed to, for us to have Pocket urinate as a "suspect" Leptospiros case. Both Bill and I, unescorted, usually brought her to the grassy area commencing Friday onward, however she did accidentally urinate on the paved parking lot more than once. We were unconcerned and never handled her with gloves or "precaution" at any time. In retrospect, perhaps we should have been concerned that Pocket could have been "exposed" to Leptospiros at Dover Veterinary Hospital. How many cases have been reported and/or confirmed in 2006 from the Derry/Chester/Hampstead area?

It is a blatant lie, that on any given day, that there was ever hope of full recovery. I ask for due process on each and every charge. Please carefully review the evidence. Please do not diminish or disregard the inhumanity that occurred. Dr. MacGregor was correct about one thing---her heart was very strong, indeed.