Dover Police Department Response to Complaint





I love the stamped "disclaimer" on the police report---yet my "web site First Amendment" disclaimer" is supposed to mean "zip"


Kathy Ladisheff & Sgt. Malsbury tried like "heck" to convince me that potassium chloride is "ok" at first. Then they went on and on (see above) that the Law ONLY applies to laboratory animals.


I was dumbfounded and finally they realized how "silly" they sounded.

But, there it is in print on their response.


AND best of all, doesn't say a WORD about having drugs ON THE PREMISES, does it? I requested an investigation into the DRUG INVOICES kept on the premises. The investigation would have taken what?---maybe 20 minutes total?


As required by Federal & State Law,invoices and logs are to be kept "readily retrievable for inspection"


Why to this day, not a single purchase requisition or invoice for ANY drugs has not been offered for view or verification? You decide.