Below: 10/12 vomited bile 8 pm--no food given

10/13- 1/2 tsp baby food chicken 11 am, 1/2 tsp baby food chicken 1pm, BLOODY bowel movement 2 pm, 1 Tbls. baby chicken 4pm, vomited LARGE blood CLOT 5pm

Sat 10/14 2 tsp. food 4pm, 5pm hemmoraghic diarreah in cage, 2 tsp 6pm, offered food 8pm--no interest, offered food 10 pm, no interest , 11pm diarreah in cage, no interest in food 1 am, no interest in food 3 am

10/15 Sunday: 1:30am vomit in cage, 7am ate wellness 3 tsp. ), 2:45 ate wellness  2 tsp.,  8& 10pm no food ,offered water, checkmarks, offered wellness 7pm, no interest


Mon. 10-16: Offered 1 tbles wellness NO interest , 11am 1 tablesp (ate), 1pm, no interest in food, 7pm ate 1 tble. welness, no bowel movements 6 urines in cage and outside


10-17 Tues. : 5 urines either in cage or outside, no bowel movements

no interest in food: 7am,1pm, 7pm,9pm.


Wed: 10/18:  3 urine voids, NO BOWEL movements

No interest or food consumed: 7am, ate a few kibbles 1pm, VOMITED 6pm, and then ordered to put NO FOOD in cage. @7pm


POCKET was not a hampster! She was a 12 lb DOG and could have NEVER survived on a TEASPOON OR TABLESPOON a day, SHE REFUSED FOOD from my own hand. SHE COULD NOT EAT, AND REFUSED TO EAT, PERIOD! IS THIS SUFFERING??~~~YOU DECIDE~~


She no longer vomited as of Monday, but she no longer ate or had bowel movements either, (after the addition of Anzemet, a powerful chemo anti-nausea medication) Except, when she "ate" a few pieces kibble on Wed, Oct 18th---she VOMITED


She vomited bloodclot , she eliminated green-black stool, she vomited green bile, she eliminated bloody stool while straining---is this a "pain-free" dog~~ YOU DECIDE!

Could she have survived being nutritionally "starved"? Could she have gone "home" to a normal quality of life?

Pocket did not even have enough food pass to make a bowel movement! My dogs have at least "2" bowel movements per day, do yours?